Lesson 8 – I: The Present Continuous Tense  S + (be) + _____ing

Lesson 8 – I: The Present Continuous Tense S + (be) + _____ing

Lesson Eight – part 1

The Present Continuous Tense

S + (be) + _____ing

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I am learning
We are learning
You are learning
You are learning

He is learning

She is learning

It is learning

They are learning



You are learning English right now.

He is learning English at school.

They are learning English.

The Present Continuous Tense usually describes things that are happening now, but it can also be used to describe important things in your life, and future activity.

Do not confuse the present continuous tense with the “going to” future or with gerunds.

Contraction: Subject + (be). Example: He + is = He’s



I am eating.

I’m eating


You are eating.

You’re eating.

He is eating.

He’s eating.

She is eating.

She’s eating.

It is eating.

It’s eating.

We are eating.

We’re eating.

(You + I = We)

picture-for-website   I


You are eating.

You’re eating.


girl-eating-popsicleYou (plural)

They are eating.

They’re eating.


This man is eating soup.


She is winking at you.


This boy is getting some cotton candy.



Part A.
Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb in the present continuous tense.
1. He _____ ________ the bus to work today. (take)
2. The stores at that mall _____ ________ new employees. (hire)
3. My mother ______ _________ me next month. (visit)
4. We ______ ________lunch right now. (have)
5. My car _____ _________ strange noises. (make)
6. Martha ______ ________ her shopping for the week. (do)
7. ______ he still _____________? (sleep)
8. What ______ you __________ in your garden? (grow)
9. _______ they __________ you at the airport? (meet)
10. My children ______ __________very good today. (be)
Part B.
Directions: Make each sentence negative in the present continuous tense.
1. She _______ __________ there anymore. (work)
2. I ______ ______ ___________ at what you said. (laugh)
3. They _______ __________ English anymore. (study)
4. You ______ __________ much fun, are you? (have)
5. The housekeepers ______ ________ the room right now. (clean)
6. We ______ ________ anything this weekend. (do)
7. The people from Romania _______ _________ today. (come)
8. I _____ _______ __________ a new car this year. (buy)
9. _________ you ___________ today? (work)
10. Why _______ he ___________ you? (help)




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