Lesson  16: Be – Past Tense

Lesson 16: Be – Past Tense

Lesson Sixteen

Be – Past Tense

The verb “be” has two forms in the past tense:

was and were

I was
We were
You were
You were
He was
They were
She was
It was

Listen and read with me:

 I was in my classroom yesterday.

Teacher Paul
You were there, too.

He was at a movie last night.


She was at home.


This cantaloupe wasin my garden this morning.

It was delicious.

We were at school yesterday.

(I + you = we)

Teacher Paul  I

Rahimullah you

You were on this website earlier.

They were outside in the snow.


Now, watch this video:

To make a question….

Was I …
Were we …
Were you …
Were you …
Was he …
Were they …
Was she …
Was it …

To make the negative add “not”

He was not in school yesterday.

He wasn’t in school yesterday.

was not = wasn’t / were not = weren’t

Part A.

Past A
Directions: Complete each sentence in the past tense with the verb “be.” Remember how the verb “be” changes.
1. She _______ in school yesterday. (be)
2. They ______ at the store. (be)
3. There ______ a good movie on TV last night. (be)
4. Vindu and Anna ______ here last night. (be)
5. You and I _______ in the classroom this morning. (be)
6. Last night I ______ very tired. (be)
7. There ________ many people at the rally. (be)
8. The restaurant ________ busy on the weekend. (be)
9. The offices ________ closed. (be)
10. You _______ a good soccer player ten years ago. (be)
Part B.
Directions: Complete each question in the past tense with the verb “be.” (10 points)
1. ________ the store employees helpful?
2. ________ I helpful?
3. _______ she here last February?
4. ________ it a bad accident?
5. ________ there anything to eat at the party?
6. ________ a doctor available?
7. ________ they good apples?
8. ________ there a lot of people at the beach?
9. ________ we here before?
10. ________ the woman interested in the movie?
Past c
Directions: Complete each sentence in the past tense with the verb “be” in the negative form. Use “not” in the form of a contraction: wasn’t / weren’t
1. He ________ at work on Monday.
2. It _________ a difficult test.
3. The government _________ very good five years ago.
4. You _________ in love with her.
5. I __________ online last night.
6. The performers __________ very funny.
7. The protester _________ hurt.
8. There __________ any strawberries in the garden.
9. That _________ a good book.
10. The leaders of the organization ________ in jail.




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