lesson 29: Need – past tense

lesson 29: Need – past tense

Past Tense

I needed _______
We needed _____
You needed ______
You needed _____

He needed _____

She needed _____

It needed _____

They needed _____

The verb “need” requires an object or an infinitive after it:

  • I needed a nap this afternoon. (The word “nap” is an object.)
  • You needed something to drink. (The word “something” is an object.)
  • The kids needed to eat. (“To eat ” is an infinitive.)

Past Tense – negative

I didn’t need _____
We didn’t need ____
You didn’t need ____
You didn’t need ____

He didn’t need____

She didn’t need ____

It didn’t need ____

They didn’t need ____

Remember: You must have an object or an infinitive after “need.”

  • The car didn’t need any gas . (The word “gas” is a noun that functions as an object in this sentence.)
  • They didn’t need to stay longer. (“To stay ” is an infinitive.)
  • The plants didnt need any more water. (The word “need” is often used with things. They didn’t need any more water.)

The verb “need” is often used in questions:

  • What did you need from the store?
  • Did you need to use my computer?
  • Did they need any money?
  • Why did he need to see a doctor?

Here are some examples:

  • A: What did the baby need?
  • B: He needed his bottle.

or ….

  • B: He needed to drink some milk.
  • A: Did you need any more coffee?
  • B: Yes, I needed another cup.


  • B: Yes, I did.


  • A: What did they need to get from the store?
  • B: They needed to get some bread.
  • A: How much did they need?
  • B: They needed one loaf.



Directions: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb “need” in the past tense.
What _______they _________ ?
They ________ some boxes.
______ he ________ any water?
I ________ ________ the sugar. (negative)
Who _________ the hammer?
The dog __________ more food.
We ________ _________ any help. (negative)
What time ________ you ________ the package?
________ she _________ to work today?
Her mother ________ _________ to leave the hospital. (negative)


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