Lesson Four: Commands

Lesson Four: Commands

Lesson Four


Also known as the imperative form, commands are very easy to use. Begin the sentence with a verb and end with an object, a person or a thing.

Tell someone to do something:

answer the phone* Answer the phone, please.

driving * Drive to the post office.

* Help me find this information.

The subject in each of these sentences is “you,” but it doesn’t sound correct to use the subject.

* You answer the phone, please.

* You drive to the post office.

* You help me.

Tell someone not to do something:

* Don’t do that. (The subject is “you.”)

* Don’t hit him.

* Don’t drive a car without a seat belt.

In each sentence above, the present tense is used and the subject is “you.

The polite form of a command uses the word “please.”

* Please give that to me.

* Pass the potatoes, please. (Use the word “pass” when you sit at a table with other people and eat food.)

If someone doesn’t do what you wanted him or her to do, use the word “tell.” For examples, click here.

Here’s a video


Part A.
Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct word from the list of word choices below. Some sentences are negative. (10 points)
tell / open / wait / leave / eat / bring / have / go / make / sit
1. ______________me the newspaper from outside.
2. ______________ all of your vegetables!
3. ______________ the door! (negative)
4. ______________ on the couch.
5. ______________ your muddy shoes outside!
6. Please ____________________ to work today. You’re sick.(negative)
7. Here. _________________ some more coffee.
8. __________________ my mother I broke her lamp.(negative)
9. Please ______________ for me here. I’ll be right back.
10. ____________________ that recipe again. It tasted terrible!(negative)
Part B.
Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct word from the list below. Use the polite form with please. Some of these commands are negative. (10 points)
do / close / call / let / help / find / clean / work / see / turn
1. __________ ____________ your room today. It’s a mess.
2. __________ _________ _______ that any more! It hurts.(negative)
3. __________ ____________ me! This is hard to do alone.
4. __________ _________ _________ him eat that.(negative)
5. ___________ ___________ on the light.
6. ______________ the door _____________.
7. ____________ __________ a doctor about that. You’re sick!
8. ____________ me at that number ____________.
9. ___________ __________ ___________ on that computer.(negative)
10. ___________ ____________ your shoes. We have to go.



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