Lesson One: Questions with “did”

Lesson One: Questions with “did”

Lesson One

Questions with “did”

Use “did” + the main verb in the simple form

to make a question in the past tense.

Did I teach you any English?

(Answer: Yes, you did.)


Did you learn English?

(Answer: Yes, I did.)

Where did you learn English?

(Answer: I learned English at school.)


Did he eat a corndog?

(Yes, he did.)

How many didhe eat?

(He ate two corndogs.)

child eating corndog

Did she eat the ice cream?

(Yes, she did.)

Where did she get it?

(Her mother gave it to her.)

girl eating popsicle

Did the cat have any food?

(Yes, it did.)


cat eating food

Did we go to school yesterday?

(Yes, we did.)

What did we doin class?

(We learned English)



you + I = we

Did you go to school last week?

(Yes, we did.)

What did you study?

(We studied English.)


Did they eat any ice cream?

(Yes, they did.)

Where did they eat it?

(They ate it at the beach.)

children eating popsicles

“did” + the main verb (in the simple form) make a question.

Part A.
Directions: Complete each question with the correct form of the auxiliary verb and the main verb in the past tense.
1. _______ they ________their work yet? (finish)
2. ______ you________ anything for lunch? (eat)
3. When _______ you _________ this morning? (wake up)
4. What ________the students________ in class yesterday? (do)
5. Where _______ I __________ my keys? (put)
6. _________ the teacher_________ you a quiz today? (give)
7. How ________ it __________ to lose all that money? (feel)
8. ________ Maria _________ to work last week? (come)
9. What time ________ the movie_____________ ? (start)
10. Is this what you __________ in class this morning? (do)
Part B.
Directions: Make each sentence negative in the past tense. (10 points)
1. She _________ _________ the laundry last weekend. (do)
2. I _________ __________ that book very much. (like)
3. My car __________ __________ this morning. (start)
4. John ________ __________ the answer to the question. (know)
5. The party __________ _________ past midnight. (last)
6. Her boss __________ _________ her enough time. (give)
7. We found out that she _________ _________ her taxes. (pay)
8. Jose and I _________ _________ all that food on the table. (see)
9. His children _________ ________ their homework. (do)
10. They never _____________ how to ride a bike. (learn)


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