Lesson Seven:  Superlative Adjectives

Lesson Seven: Superlative Adjectives

Lesson Seven:

Superlative Adjectives

differences in 3+ things or 3+ people

Add “est” or “most” when forming superlative adjectives.

(What is an adjective?)


The lion is the biggest animal in this group.

(There are three animals)

The lion is also the most dangerous animal in this group.

Remember: The superlative form is used to show the difference among three or more things or people in a group.

There are rules for using the superlative form. The table below will help you.


One-syllable words
two syllable words    ending in y
    two syllables or more          not ending in y
add est
drop the y and ad iest
use most / don’t add est
big arrow biggest
noisyarrow noisiest
dangerous arrow most dangerous
old arrow oldest
busy arrow busiest
expensive arrowmost expensive
nice arrow nicest
crazy arrow craziest
comfortable arrow most comfortable
young arrow youngest
lazy arrow laziest
humid arrow most humid
fast arrow fastest
funny arrow funniest
tired arrow most tired
cheap arrow cheapest
dry arrow driest
acceptable arrow most acceptable
There are some exceptions: good, bad, far, and fun are adjectives that don’t follow the rules when making the comparative form.
good arrow best
bad arrow worst
far arrow farthest
      fun arrow most fun

Never use two superlatives together on an adjective:

most cheapest

most noisiest

It’s often necessary to use “the” in front of the superlative:

1. Apples picked directly from a tree taste the best.apples
2. I had the most fun at the state fair when I rode on the ferris wheel.
ferris wheel
3. Giraffes have the longest necks of any animal.giraffe

Sometimes an article such as “the” isn’t necessary when using the superlative. Instead, you can use the possessive form in front of the superlative.


This dog is her best friend.


Her best friend is her dog.


Directions: Complete each sentence with the comparative form. The words in parentheses are adjectives or adverbs. (10 points)
1. She is ___________ ___________ I am. (old)
2. These shoes are _________ ___________ ________those shoes. (expensive)
3. I think this pizza tastes ___________ ___________ the one we ordered from them the last time. (good)
4. The weather today is _____________ ____________ it was yesterday. (bad)
5. Jorge got home much ___________ last night ___________ he ever has. (late)
6. The state of Minnesota is a lot _____________ ___________ the state of Delaware. (big)
7. I wake up much ____________ now ____________ I did when I was younger. (early)
8. The sun is ______________ away from the earth ___________ the moon. (far)
9. Spanish is an ______________ language to learn _____________ English. (easy)
10. Riding a motorcycle is ___________ _________________ ____________ riding a bike. (dangerous)
Part B.
Directions: Complete each sentence in the superlative form. The words in parentheses are adjectives. (10 points)
1. This is ________ ____________ ________________ car I have every owned. (expensive)
2. Maria is one of ________ ______________ players on the team. (good)
3. ________ _____________ month of the year in Minnesota is January. (cold)
4. He is __________ ______________ working employee in the company. (hard)
5. Who has __________ ______________ solution for fixing economic problems in the U.S.? (good)
6. Many Americans think George Bush has been _________ _____________ President we have ever had. (bad)
7. We had ______ __________ ____________ on our vacation last year. (fun)
8. A good education is ________ ___________ _______________ experience for a young person. (important)
9. That was ___________ ________________ story that I have ever heard. (funny)
10. Which country has ________ _______________ building? (tall)


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