Lesson Eight: The Past Continuous Tense

Lesson Eight:

The Past Continuous Tense

S + (be) + _____ing

The verb “be” is in the past tense: was or were

The main verb adds “ing” at the end of it

I was relaxing outside when this picture was taken
You were eating at a restaurant when this picture was taken.
He was shaving this morning when he cut himself.
man shaving
She was spinning around and around before she fell down.
girl spinning
This elephant was out looking for food yesterday.

We were talking together last week.

(Now we’re in two separate locations.)



you + I = we

You were thinking about taking another English class this year.
They were riding on a big seven-person bicycle last week.
free market

Part A.-Directions: Complete each sentence in the past continuous tense.
1. She _______ ____________ on the phone five minutes ago. (talk)
2. I _________ _______________ to the radio this morning when I heard the news. (listen)
3. They _________ ____________ in Mexico last year. (live – negative)
4. You _________ ________________ last weekend. (work)
5. We _________ ______________ when the telephone rang. (sleep)
6. Bob bumped his head as he ________ ___________ into the car. (get)
7. It ___________ _____________ when we left home, but now it is. (rain – negative)
8. I ________ ____________ dinner while talking on the phone.(make)
9. The students ____________ ______________ very much last week, so they forgot what they had learned. (study – negative)
10. Maria _________ ____________ what she had to do to get the job done. (do – negative)
Part B.
Directions: Make questions in the past continuous tense. (10 points)
1. What _________ she ____________ last weekend? (do)
2. __________ you _______________ yesterday? (work)
3. Why _________ they ______________ so angry? (get)
4. __________ the sun ______________ earlier? (shine)
5. When __________ Ted _____________ on the phone? (talk)
6. __________ I _________________ last night? (snore)
7. How _________ he ___________ his bills when he lost his job? (pay)
8. _____________ the baby ______________ just now? (cry)
9. How much money __________ you ____________ at that company? (make)
10. ___________ we _________________ too loudly? (laugh)



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