Lesson 9: Have (present tense)  S + has / have

Lesson 9: Have (present tense) S + has / have

Lesson Nine

Have (present tense)

S + has / have

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I have
We have
You have
You have

He has

She has

It has

They have


“Have” is usually used for ownership, ability, or for a description….

  • I have a new car.
  • They have time to go to the movies.
  • She has brown eyes.
  • He has a beard.

…but the word “have” is also a very popular substitute for the words “eat” and “drink.”

  • She has cereal and coffee for breakfast every morning.

Have is also an important helping verb: I have lived in Minnesota for three years. In this example, (have) + (past participle) make the present perfect tense.




I have glasses.
You have sunglasses.
He has a gun.
She has a tricycle.
The cake has a lot of fruit on top of it.
We have time to learn English.



They have a hamburger and french fries.
All three children have popsicles.


Note: To make “have” negative in the present tense, use don’t or doesn’t + have.

Correct: He doesn’t have any money. / I don’t have any money.

Incorrect: He hasn’t any money. (but okay in British English)

Have – Present Tense (negative with contraction)
I don’t have…. We don’t have…
You don’t have… You don’t have…
He doesn’t have… They don’t have…
She doesn’t have…
It doesn’t have…


Part A. – Statements and Negative Statements
Directions: Fill in the blank with have, has, doesn’t have, or don’t have.
1. He _____________________ a very good job.
2. She ____________________ a car. (negative)
3. I __________________ much time today. (negative)
4. The students __________________ their books.
5. The cat __________________ enough food.
6. My car ____________________ any gas. (negative)
7. You ____________________ a lot of work to do.
8. We ____________________ any milk. (negative)
9. The government __________________ thousands of employees.
10. Maria _______________________ a new computer.
11. I usually _____________________ two cups of coffee every morning.
12. They _____________________ any water. (negative)
13. The house ___________________ a phone (negative)
14. Maria and John ___________________ a lot of fun when they are together.
15. You _______________________ any work to do. (negative)
16. The police ____________________ someone in the back seat of their car.
17. Arthur _______________________ his paycheck.
18. My daughter’s teacher __________________ seven children.
19. I _____________________ a toothache.
20. He never _______________________ any problems.
Part B. – Questions
Directions: Fill in the blank spaces to make questions with do, does, or have.
1. When ________ you ___________ your next class?
2. _________ she ___________ a guitar?
3. _________ I ____________ my keys and my wallet?
4. Why __________ he _____________ that ugly shirt on?
5. How __________ they ____________ time to get their work finished?
6. What time _________ Maria __________ her appointment?
7. _________ the house __________ three bedrooms?
8. Where _________ we ___________ our candles?
9. __________ the dog ____________ a collar?
10. ___________ elephants ___________ big ears?



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