Lesson 5: this / that / these / those

Lesson 5: this / that / these / those

Lesson Five

this / that / these / those


A thing or a person is


This = singular


A thing or a person is


That = singular


Things or people are


These = plural


Things or people are


Those = plural

Close = x…y

This pencil in my hand is yellow.

These pencils are not very sharp.

Far = x…………………………y

That car across the street is red.

Those cars in the parking lot are blue.



Take these stairs to get to those buildings.

That blue building in the

middle of this picture is very tall.

The video below might help:

“That” is often contracted with the singular form of the verb “be”

That is a window. = That’s a window.

That is my friend, Tom. = That’s my friend, Tom.

“That’s” usually sounds much better than to say, “That is.”

“That” can’t be contracted in the plural form: That’re (no!)

This, these, and those can’t take contractions.



Part A.
Directions: Complete each sentence or question with this or these.
1. Is  _____________ yours?
2.  _____________ is really difficult.
3. Are  _____________ books from the library?
4. Was  _____________ a useful lesson?
5. When were  _____________ lemons purchased?
6.  _____________ milk tastes kind of sour.
7. Take a look at  _____________ pants. Aren’t they nice?
8.  _____________ cars don’t have a good safety record.
9. Where was _____________? Does it go here on the shelf?
10. Does _____________ cost a lot of money?
Part B.
Directions: Complete each sentence or question with that or those.
1. How do you like _____________ peaches?
2. _____________ was the best movie I have ever seen!
3. ______________tables are dirty. Please clean them.
4. Whose are _____________?
5. _____________ furniture is kind of expensive.
6. Please hand me _____________ towels.
7. Whose is ______________?
8. How much are _____________ books?
9. We need to get _____________ car out of the garage.
10. _____________ is basmati rice. It’s very good.
Part C.
Directions: Complete each sentence or question with this, that, these or those.
1. Are _____________ books over there on the table yours?
2. _____________ grapes I’m eating are really good.
3. _____________ was a great movie we saw last night.
4. Take a look at _____________ car across the street.
5. In _____________ days, everyone on the street knew each other.
6. What’s the difference between _____________ group here, and
___________ group way over there?
7. Where are _____________ shoes you bought for me?
8. _____________ is the first time I have ever seen an eclipse.
9. ______________ was the first time I had ever seen a rhinocerous.
10. ______________ apples were rotten so I threw them away.




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